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Fiber&Cloth Inc. is a company dedicated to providing exceptional service by anticipating future trends in new flooring materials and innovative style to meet the demands of their clients.


As certified natural fiber specialists, (registered with the NFIC), the F/C team is trained to provide first-class craftsmanship with an unparalleled level of professionalism and integrity. We believe that being committed to focusing on every detail, our well-fabricated workmanship is superior and we guarantee the highest quality control. The F/C service staff provides clients with timely, knowledgeable and caring service from beginning to end.

Each project is carefully analyzed from beginning to end, working side by side with the client. F/C offers a full support service to our clients, by providing insight, answers and/or any assistance to designers and their clients, limiting the room for error.


We aim to fulfill the expectations of extremely demanding clientele, who are demanding of quality, fineness and distinction. It is our privilege to serve Toronto’s most opulent clientele.



Over 20 years of experience ensure your project is perfect.


"Very Professional!"

Melissa Gidney


"Thank You for being so carefull!"

Brian Burnie

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